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It might look like the tail fin from Concord but it's Bloodhound SSC, rescued this week by British businessman Ian Warhurst after entering liquidation last October.

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The EU is quietly laughing up its sleeve at yet another example of how it exercises control over the UK's withdrawal process. While EU leaders are selling it as a concession, the extension that the 27 countries that will remain in the Union have told the UK it can have comes with strings that impose conditions on the UK Parliament.

The Law Society of England and Wales has, since the early 1990s, fought a rear-guard action against the engagement of solicitors in counter-money laundering efforts. The Regulator, which was first a division of the Law Society and then spun off to become a ludicrously politically charged enforcer of any passing social fad had, at that time the correct view that solicitors were within the scope of the original Money Laundering Regulations. At last, the regulator, now known as the Solicitors (sic) Regulatory Authority (it's so trendy it doesn't use an apostrophe where its name demands one) has decided that money laundering is something it needs to pay attention to. The Law Society is on a war footing, declaring the SRA's action "an assault."

It's one of those interesting differences between English and American. The American charge of "interfering with flight crew" does not involve, as it would in English, a sexual act. But given that there was an assault, the American charge is clear.

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The advance fee, or 419, scam industry is always looking for new opportunities and the fraudsters like to use genuine background as the reason they make contact with potential victims. A case in the High Court of England and Wales has created the conditions that are ideal for fraudsters as a hook.

In 2015, a news report said that the flooring products of a listed company, "Lumber Liquidators," contained dangerously high levels of Formaldehyde. The company issued a denial and filed it with the SEC. That denial was untrue.

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A report in the New Straits Times last week said that the company's CEO, Datuk Seri Azman Mohd, had been "asked to resign" and a deadline given of Friday las week. Amongst those surprised by the "news" is Tenaga National Berhad, TNB, the national power company.

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Yesterday, the Speaker of the House of Commons made a ruling. In accordance with Parliamentary Rules dating back to the 17th Century, he said that a motion could not be put before the house over and over again in the hope that the Members would tire of saying no. There's uproar in some quarters, some saying he's sabotaging Brexit. He's doing nothing of the sort. He's just making sure that the Government doesn't drop the ball.

When Brenton Tarrant, a 28-year-old Australian man, turned on the camera on his mobile phone and filmed himself and his actions during a murderous attack on two mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand, killing 50 people, it brought home to the world that the idea of web-casting, so beloved of American TV cop-show writers, can be even more horrifying when fiction turns to fact. Yet, the dangers of live streaming have long been known and criminals in a wide range of activities have been making use of it for a long time. Is this a "freedom" too far?

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For fans of the personalities, regulations and technology of F1, the first race of the 2019 season was fascinating.

For fans of racing, it was extraordinarily dull.

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A financial adviser recommended a form of investment to clients but instead of using the money in accordance with the agreed plan he used the money for his own purposes and created fictitious records to show purported performance of their investments. He has been sentenced to ten years' jail. Asset freezing orders against the defendant have preserved sufficient to cover all or most of the losses.

Type of conduct: 
Fiduciary fraud

Parliament has recognised the will of the people and decided that, even if there is a referendum on the terms of the Withdrawal Agreement, such a referendum would not include a "Remain" option. It has also rejected the Prime Minister's motion to delay withdrawal.

I can't claim to have known Charlie Whiting personally but I can say that, like one or two other people over my decades of enjoying Formula One as a spectator, he has been an important figure in my life. And then, suddenly, he's gone, as if someone turned out the lights. This time, they say "gone" not "go."

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Charlie Whiting
was born on: 
12 August 1952
Kent, England
and died on: 
14 March 2019
Melbourne, Australia

Let's accept for a moment that, good as it is, data from commercial flight-tracking services is not 100% authoritative. But it is certainly extremely persuasive. The data that was made available immediately after the crash of Ethiopian Airways flight 302 showed a remarkable similarity to similar data published after the crash of Lion Air JT610. As more and more countries banned B787 MAX, the FAA supported Boeing. Boeing said "we stand by our aircraft." Then even more compelling evidence of similarity between the crashes emerged.

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