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Spam-scam is such a PALLAVER (sic)

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Most spam-scams are just too stupid for words. This one is even worse. Have fun with it.... and see why companies such as yahoo and google should be required to monitor anonymous e-mail accounts, if not for content but for obviously fake identities.

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Not really from - central banque west africa
Actually from - centralbanquewestafrica@yahoo.com
Reply to - solangephilips1@gmail.com
Subject: Please Reply Me


Sorry if I approached you wrongly, My name is Solange P. PALLAVER fromFrance.

l am 31 years old. l really need your assistance. My husband died two years ago and the family members want to kill me and my child and seat on the inheritance he left for us in the bank, l am now in a hiding place with my kids and the documents of inheritance is with us.

Please help us to have this fund transferred to your country and we will fly to join you. Reply me

I will be sending you our picture when I hear from you.

l will be waiting for your reply

Solange Philips

She should expect to be waiting a long time.