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Suspicious Crypto-Currency Account - GlobalKYC

Name of Crypto-asset (e.g. bitcoin, ripple) demanded by extortionist: 
GlobalKYC -Suspicious Wallet Number: 
Copy of extortion e-mail: 

About your order you id 8Oi19

Your PC is influenced by the injurious application.
Whats the trouble?
I left my software virus on a soft porn web portal, you pushed that record
and urgently set the hostile program to your gadget. The rogue program made
your front-facing camera filming in such a way I receive a video with you
During the next 6 hours this badware captured all your contact numbers
Right now, I own all your contact files and movie with you frigging, now
in a case if you have a wish me to eliminate all the contact numbers send
me 600 USD in BTC digital currency.
In other case I will deport that this videorecord to all your
I send you my Bitcoin code - 1CHLyKbzLmSqfrCzHvdSDRTkHHMhwGbGPz You
possess 29 hours after getting this. If I get this money I will eliminate
the movie once for all.
Im sorry for many mistakes - Im Chineeze.
P.S. this postal address, I have stolen it.
Dont reply to this email. This is temporary address!

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