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Apec v APEC

Don't say that: 


Do say this: 



APEC is an acronym and acronyms aren't words.

Technically, it should be written A.P.E.C. but that style disappeared after The Man From U.N.C.L.E. (actually long after).

However, the reason that acronyms should always be set out in capitals is precisely to inform the reader that it is an acronym.

APEC stands for "Asia Pacific Economic Co-Operation" so it's an activity not a thing although, in common use, it's often seen in a light not dissimilar to the EU.

It is therefore never acceptable to convert APEC into Apec and therefore consider it a word.

And before some twit says that APEC itself does it, here's APEC's logo:

and, unlike so many companies that think it's "disruptive" or "on trend" to be semi literate, there are no lower-case characters in the acronym.



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