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Scammers use DHL delivery notice as hook for criminal behaviour

Editorial Staff

You should neither know nor care exactly what criminal activity lies behind the link in this e-mail. The fact that it's fraud from beginning to end should be enough.

*You have a shipment coming to you*

DHL Customer,

You have a package on its way.

This message was sent at
the request of Staples Inc to
notify you that the package has

been transmitted to our facility. To
verify the actual status of
a parcel, click here for
an invoice[Links to nowthatwevemet.com].


Thanks for choosing DHL
Express. Providing you
exceptional service and
reliable delivery at the best possible
rates. Have questions? We offer you a choice in contacting Customer

For Customer
Service, click here[Links to http://www.dhl-usa.com/cs2].


2018. DHL Express. DHLBrandmark, and the
colour orange are
art logos of DHL Express,
Inc. All rights reserved.

All trademarks,names, or service
marks that show up in
association with DHL's services
are the property of their owners.


**Please do not respond to
this e-mail. WE will not
receive any reply messages**

This e-mail
includes personal
info and may be
private. If you are
not the meant recipient,
the copying or other
use of the contents of this
message is totally
forbidden and you are advised to
erase message


Yeah, right. Not to cast aspersions or anything - the domain to which the email links, ostensibly to obtain an invoice (which is bizarre in a mail about tracking) looks decidedly dodgy and possibly a pornographic website. Don't click to look.

The apparent sender is dhl@tryconsolidated.com

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