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Hilarious spam-scam.

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Every dog has his day and, sometimes, every idiot gets his hands on a computer. Here's an example received at our registered office. Maybe it's not a a scam, but for sure it's not accurately targeted commercial mail, either.

Suspicious Overpayments: VORTEX CENTRUM LIMITED - Non Domestic Rates

Hi -Ref: VORTEX CENTRUM LIMITED,  A number of months has passed already since our last correspondence and I hope business has treated you well in the interim. In fact, I am writing in connection to our last conversation in the hope that you are now ready to give the apparent over-assessment of your Non-Domestic Rates the attention it urgently requires. In April this year, less than 10 weeks from now, business rates in HORLEY will reach record highs as blanket increases are applied to businesses across the UK. This means you stand to see your Business Rates jump again, from an already inflated figure, unless you take some simple steps to correct your current rating now. Please click here for a Free Assessment[Links to https://pull.xmr3.com/p/10976-... I know you looked into the matter briefly last year, but now almost two years of what appear to be significant overpayments have already been made by VORTEX CENTRUM LIMITED leaving an unnecessary dent in your profits. Needless to say, this will continue for the remaining two years of this ratings period which ends in 2021, at which point your overpayments cannot be claimed back. By simply reducing your current assessment in line with similar businesses nearby, we could claim back thousands in unfair property tax for VORTEX CENTRUM LIMITED, just as we have done successfully for several other businesses in HORLEY. Your reduced monthly liability will then stand for at least the next two years, giving you the same level of savings again going forward. Just 30-40 minutes of your time is all it takes to verify whether the apparent errors in your assessment are in fact unfair and whether or not these significant savings, past and future, can be achieved. Please either call me at your earliest convenience on 0800 025 3555 or submit your details to the office HERE[Links to https://pull.xmr3.com/p/10976-... in order that a member of my team can get back to you promptly. I really do hope to hear from you, in order that we can address this matter together. Kind Regards, Jeremy
Jeremy AshbridgeHampton Lovett Consultant Surveyors  Tel: 0203 949 5554E-Mail:reception@hampton-lovett.co.uk[Links to https://pull.xmr3.com/p/10976-... | Web: www.hampton-lovett.co.uk[Links to https://pull.xmr3.com/p/10976-...  This email was sent to you by Emailmovers Ltd on behalf of Hampton Lovett.

Hampton Lovett Consultant Surveyors Ltd is registered in England and Wales.  Company Registration Number: 10693144    

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