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Who wants to be a money launderer?

Editorial Staff

We'ld like to thank Mr Andrea Van for the opportunity to earn 10% of USD125,500,000. His email address, should you want to take him up on his offer, is mabutdengjok@gmail.com. So, not Andrea Van, then. And he's apparently sent from infor@inbox.com which hardly encourages faith in his bona fides and nor does the fact that he's spoofed that address: inbox.com does not authorise his IP address,, for sending mail. So, basically, every verifiable "fact" is a lie. And that's before we get onto what he's offering.

The mail (below) is one of those too good to be true things. It appears to be a possible business deal (but here's the thing - to achieve the objectives, the recipient would need a very specific set of skills. Random e-mails are probably not the best way of finding someone honest with those skills.

The chances are that what looks like a money laundering scheme is actually the front end of an old fashioned advance fee fraud or, even, a kidnap for ransom scheme.

In the advance fee fraud, the recipient who replies to the mail is pulled along a path until he is asked for money for some purpose: to obtain authorisation for the transfer of funds, for a documentation fee .. the possibilities are immense. Then the demands ramp up until the victim can pay no more at which point, the fraudster breaks off contact.

In the case of kidnap, the "agent" requests the victim to travel to meet his "client" and, on arrival, he is met at the airport and robbed or held for ransom.

So, whatever is going on here, it's a crime on one or more of several levels. Incredibly, people do fall for it. They do lose everything, including their homes, they do get robbed abroad and they do get kidnapped.

So, it's time to look after yourself: do not, ever, respond to an unsolicited e-mail offering you any opportunity. No matter what it says, you will end up poorer and, potentially, in danger.

Text of message:

Investment in the United States:I am a UK based financial consultant, and I got your contact from the London Chambers of Commerce and Industry. A client of mine from Jordan in the Middle East seeks for a foreign partner, specifically from the United States, who has the capability and capacity to handle a vast investment of US$125,500,000.00 (One Hundred and Twenty Five Million Five Hundred Thousand U.S. Dollars). His interest is mainly in the following sectors:1.  Commercial Real Estate2.  Oil and Gas3.  Production4.  Renewable energy/ Health sector5.  Education6.  Construction7.  Hotel and leisure activities8.  Mining, and Transportation.My client wants guaranteed 5% Annual Return on Investmemt (AROI), and he wants these funds held and invested in the United States for a period of at least 10 years, he is also willing to offer you a one time fee of 10% of the total funds for your assistance and participation in this project. These funds are already deposited in a bank in Europe for subsequent transfer to the United States. More details shall me communicated to you if you indicate your interest in a return  email.mabutdengjok@gmail.comYours faithfully,Mr. Andrea VanDirector Business Relations Unit,