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"based in" v "from"

Don't say that: 

based in

Do say this: 

from, in or at


The horrible expression "where are you based" which is itself a waste of words (it should be "where is your office?" or "where do you live?") has mutated and is used to provide information as to location.

Yes, a person may say "I work for company A. I travel a lot but I'm based in their London office" and that makes sense.

But, as the following extract from a newspaper shows, it can also be used in a way that is simply stupid.

"The Sun Inn, based in Bradford Old Road in Cottingley, closed permanently in November last year. " (source: The Telegraph and Argus - https://www.thetelegraphandarg... - 27 February 2019)

It's a pub. A pub's a building. It's not "based" anywhere. It is somewhere. It doesn't move. It doesn't travel. It doesn't have an alternate location as a pop-up bar on Mars.

Abolish "based in" from your vocabulary except in the single, very specific, of someone who does, in fact, move and needs to say where they lay their (usually figurative) hat.


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