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Internet domain name fraud reaches brutal level

Editorial Staff

The return, with increasing frequency, of internet domain name fraud, is usually at least accompanied by a form of what the fraudster hopes is a sufficient disclaimer to prevent prosecution. The latest iteration omits even that and resorts to blatant threats. Also, it seems that the criminals have obtained access to the domain sevenresortsnet.com to send mail and to present a landing page for those who click to respond to the demand.

This latest scam requires little comment except to say that the addressee's information is from an old database of domain owners and their contact information. And, of course that the idea that the owner has signed up to the scam is a lie. Also, the domain is not about to expire and, therefore, the entire premise of the scam is false and fraudulent.

Disclaimer: We are not liable for any financial loss, lost data, missed
customers, loss of seach engine rankings, undelivered email or any
 other damages that you may incur due to the expiration of
cameronsfinefood.com. For further information please refer to section
13.b.9a of User Agreement.

Domain: cameronsfinefood.com
Registration Period: 1 Year/s
Amount: $86.00 USD
Status: Pending (Unpaid)

This is your final notification to renew cameronsfinefood.com

Online Payment
To complete, act today!

Dear [name of domain owner - redacted], ,
In the event that you allow
cameronsfinefood.com to expire, the listing will be automatically deleted
from our servers within 3 business days. After expiration, we reserve the
rigth to offer your web service to competing businesses or interested
parties in the same category and state/region after 3 business days on an
auction basis.

This is the final notifcation that we are required to transmit for the
expiration of cameronsfinefood.com act today!  

Online Payment
To complete, act today! 

All services will be restored automatically on cameronsfinefood.com if
payment is received in full on time before expiration. Thank you for your

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notification. Unsubscribe here.

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