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step change v change

Don't say that: 

step change

Do say this: 

change, or
significant change


WTF is a "step change"?

This is an example of empty words being used to try to make something sound more important than it is.

It's not even clear if the word "step" is supposed to be a noun or an adjective.

This example is from an official European Union press release : "the EU managed to bring about a step change in migration management and border protection."

A far better, and more meaningful, way of achieving the desired result would be "the EU managed to bring about significant changes in migration management and border protection."

Then again, the entire phrase would be better if someone took a big blue pencil to it and re-wrote it to say "The EU made significant changes....."

In official documents, there has developed a tendency towards the flaccid and florid. That is to be deplored. The objective should be to deliver uncompromising clarity and facts. Less words, more meaning should be the rule not the exception.


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