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Female stewards v Stewardesses

Don't say that: 

Female stewards

Do say this: 



"Female stewards" - this particular piece of idiocy comes courtesy of the BBC. In an article about Korean newsreader Yim Hyun-ju had switched her contact lenses for spectacles, apparently a daring thing to do. In the course of the article, the BBC wrote "Even South Korean airline Jeju has followed suit, lifting its ban on glasses for its female stewards." (we'd challenge the use of "even" but our house rules say we can comment on only one bad word or phrase per article).

If the objective of politically correct language is to remove that which differentiates, then "female stewards" fails.

The correct word is, of course, stewardess. Ironically, if one looks up "stewardess" in some dictionaries it says "female steward." But that's no excuse. Perhaps the writer (the BBC seems to have no competent editors on its website, such is the extent of linguistic ineptitude it exhibits) thinks that "stewardess" is sexist (nonsense but it is the BBC) but if that's the case how is the alternative that is employed any less so? The answer is that there is no difference and so the correct word should have been used.

Further reading: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/res...


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