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"We're all grown ups," said my father. "We all know what's happening and we all know what's going to happen. We just have to get on with it."

There's an old, bad taste, joke that the longest ten minutes in the world is waiting for last night's date to dress and leave. That has nothing on waiting to die.

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Complaints that the USA's Academy of Motion Picture Arts Awards fails to recognise black actors has resulted in a full review of classifications. We have obtained a transcript of a secret discussion, that did not take place, between the three anonymous people who really run the Oscars. Their names have been changed to protect the ridiculous.

The BBC needs revenue and that revenue has to come from advertising and sponsorship. Indeed, although in the UK its services are commercial free, its external broadcasts have long been advertisement-supported. Today it crossed into dangerous territory.

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Once upon a time, an American bought London Bridge. That raises the question.. given the increasing Americanisation, and affinity with the USA, of Oxford University.. why doesn't it just sell itself, and its buildings to an American with less zeros after his name than a real billion would require?

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Humour is a powerful weapon and satire is amongst its sharpest blades. When someone said that the pen is mightier than the sword, he may well have had satire in mind.

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They are the stuff of legend....ary abuse of the power of language, phrases that detract from comprehension - and more than that, just sound awful.


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See part 2: http://pleasebeinformed.com/publications/content/author-hints-getting-web-presence-part-2

In part 3 of this article, we wrap up the decision process for creating a web presence.

Part 1: see http://pleasebeinformed.com/pu...

Twitter is tiring.

Twitter? Seriously, who actually reads Twitter aside from the media looking for snatched quotes? It's just noise.

You can't sell your book if no one knows about it.

If you are self-publishing, that means you are self-marketing, self-producing and self-accounting.

Stage one: raise awareness and for that the WWW is a useful tool.

Here's help....

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You know the old saw: you only get one chance to make a first impression.

Nothing is truer for a writer hoping to impress a publisher, agent or even reader. Everything you write is open to inspection, criticism. Every document, sentence, word you write creates an impression of all the qualities of your work. And it says a lot about you.

Here's help....

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The Financial Crime Risk Officers' Network is a brand new publication, launched for the first time along with the launch of the Please Be Informed suite of publications. And it's a brand new concept.

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Vortex Centrum Limited is to launch, on 15th February, 2016, a new concept in internet publishing.

Please Be Informed.Com is a smörgåsbord of delights across the worlds of business, news and personal life. Best of all, it's media that's social but not packed with inconsequential personal notes and memes.

Ten Things You Need to Know About Dealing with Death

The essential guide to the loss of a loved one

Nigel Morris-Cotterill
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"Ten Things You Need To Know About Dealing With Death" is a quick and easy-to-read description of ten simple "Rules" that guide you through the grieving process, in the immediate aftermath of a death, in a practical and sometimes humorous way. It is also a helpful preparation for those for whom a bereavement is imminent.

Colin Chapman
was born on: 
19 May 1928
Richmond, Surrey, England
and died on: 
16 December 1982
Norfolk, England
Engineer, Founder: Lotus, Genius.




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