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The UK's Serious Fraud Office secured a conviction against Ponzi scheme operator David Gerald Dixon in November last year. In addition to a jail sentence, he was ordered to surrender GBP275,000 in respect of proceeds of his crime. The deadline for payment has passed and the Order has not been satisfied.

Australia's superannuation scheme is popularly known as "super" and it has nothing to do with Reggie Perrin although, given the frequent problems with it, it might be the successor to Sunshine Des serts. Now an auditor of self-managed schemes has been banned after it was determined that he had "breached fundamental independence and audit requirements."

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The proof of Al Jazeera's mission to produce and broadcast material containing truths that many would prefer to keep secret is in the fact that it has become the poster-boy for the motto "you know you are doing something right when everyone hates you." As more and more pressure is brought to bear on a news network that is, today, a beacon of balanced reporting, even more than the now frequently partisan BBC, Al Jazeera finds itself the bit of news that produced an unguarded admission: Israel is working towards becoming a regional power by political collusion with several Arab states. It's a back-door assault on the GCC and, through that, the Arab League. That's not something Israel would have wanted the world to know until its scheme was more advanced.

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National Australia Bank was a victim of a scheme under which a former employer secretly transferred financial planning clients to a company he joined, according to charges filed against him.

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This is such a massive topic that we can, today, do little more than make a placeholder article. How, one has to ask, does anyone "miss" tens of thousands of errors? We think it's probably not too difficult and banks, etc. should take note.

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Regulations implementing the Liquidity Coverage Ratio in China and the United States are assessed as “compliant” with the Basel framework, while the European Union is “largely compliant”.

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The US Department of Justice has charged four men from a district of California known as "the Inland Empire" with a range of tax offences that, it is alleged, generated substantial revenue by making false tax claims in the names of innocent individuals. It's time governments started doing effective KYC.

Binary options are a simple concept: they pay a fixed return, or nothing. It's a bit like a KickStarter campaign: if you hit the target, you get your money, if you miss it, you don't. But with binary options, the risks are different: fail and you lose your investment. So, there's another way of looking at it: it's a bet and if you lose, you lose your stake, so it's not like an ordinary option where you might still get back some of your original investment. For sophisticated investors and financial adrenalin junkies, they are fine. For everyone else, they are very high risk. Aussie regulator ASIC says that risk is rarely properly explained, and often it is not explained at all.

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"Peaked" when you mean something made you interested

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"Piqued." Yes, they sound the same but they mean something entirely different.

Enjoy! The Time Travellers' Guide to Eating Out. Repeatedly

A Satirical Amuse Bouche

Nigel Morris-Cotterill
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Fiction - over 18
Vortex Centrum Limited,...

Imagine if you could have the perfect meal in a restaurant. Imagine if something was not quite to your liking you could make the last few hours, minutes or even seconds happen again, and this time you could affect the outcome. In three short, hilarious, scenarios, this book takes you into that world. And each little tale ends unexpectedly, but perfectly.

Available in Paperback and in e-book. Details below.


Many people, especially those making statements on behalf of companies, are afraid to say "sorry" in case it becomes an admission of liability that brings with it adverse consequences. It's time for change.

"The largest marketplace on the Darknet—where hundreds of thousands of criminals anonymously bought and sold drugs, weapons, hacking tools, stolen identities, and a host of other illegal goods and services—has been shut down as a result of one the most sophisticated and coordinated efforts to date on the part of law enforcement across the globe." So says the USA's FBI. And it is seriously impressive. But, quietly, another investigation, led by Dutch authorities, has done far more damage to the deep web than closing down Alphabay.

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We love, really love, the most ludicrous spam-scams we can find and this one is an absolute classic of its type.

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It used to be that a video that got a few thousand views was a bit of an internet sensation. But Google's YouTube, which the company bought after it ran into difficulty paying for its bandwidth, has mutated way beyond those early days. Now, a million views is hardly worth mentioning - and what is fascinating is that some of the really big numbers are not for the stars you hear on the radio.

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