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The real Malaysia is a country divided not by race or religion or by the attitudes of the vast majority of its people but by what Singapore's former Prime Minister LEE Kwan Yew called "creeping Arabisation," under which a small number of policy makers and opinion formers are pushing the country in the direction of exactly the divisions the people have long resisted. Now the country has seen its first attack by someone claiming to represent the ideals of, if not actually represent, Islamic fundamentalist group Da'esh (aka ISIS or Islamic State).

Cleaning up the 'Net

An action plan to combat the use and abuse of the internet for financial crime

Nigel Morris-Cotterill
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The internet is not a thing, it is not a place, it is not a person.

The internet, of itself, does nothing. It performs no function.

The internet does not form intent. It has no conscience.

The internet is like the pipes in a domestic plumbing system.

The plumbing system allows the delivery of water to terminal points: taps, showers and toilets. The internet allows the delivery of instructions and information to terminal points - computers.

CoNet Administrator

Welcome to the launch of The Financial Crime Risk Officers' Network, the place to meet and discuss any issues that relate to the identification, prevention, detection and deterrence of financial crime.

Case Summary: 

On 4th January 2016, Hovik Simitian, 48, of Los Angeles, pleaded guilty to one count of conspiracy to commit healthcare fraud. His actions were in concert with others and were examples of a long-running type of fraud that has long afflicted the healthcare system.

Healthcare / Medicare fraud
Editorial Staff
Case Summary: 

Mark Anthony McGovern (49) was convicted of tax evasion in 2008 but before he was sentenced he told the Judge he was unprepared to go to jail, that he found the idea upsetting and frightening.

So he ran away.

Tax fraud / evasion
CoNet Administrator

It is fascinating that the USA is having a panic attack about the spread of Da'esh / ISIS by means of propaganda. It is also ironic, given the cultural imperialism that the USA has applied through the entertainment industry - and continues to do so, shaping thinking in so many ways that even in the UK, we find ourselves dominated not by the USA's sharpest minds but by the excessively puerile.

And yet the parallels of how Da'esh / ISIS and the USA spread their messages, and reinforce them, are striking.

Nigel Morris-Cotterill

Fraudsters rely on illusion. They depend on showing you something so that you do not recognise a truth that they want to obscure.

Many fraudsters are clever, many are well prepared, but the vast majority are opportunists ..

CoNet Administrator


Morris-Cotterill The Ten Real Life Exploits Da'esh / ISIS use to Hack the World PUBLISHED March 2015 as a special issue of World Money Laundering Report Ten Exploits that Dae'sh / ISIS Use to Hack the World explains how Da'esh / ISIS has been able to become such a global force in such a short time and how the group has become the biggest threat to the world since the Ice Age.
Mary Cotterill
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12 November 1929
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11 January 2015
Ashford, Kent, England
Death doesn't stop the clock on love.

Whether you call the black and gold cars Lotus after their sponsor or Renault after the tech, they still have their engine manufacturer's logo proudly displayed. Caterham (which has the right to the name Team Lotus but doesn't use it) also carry Renault branding. But for the Korean GP, that's going to change and almost no one outside Korea will know why

Bryan Edwards

Pay attention: when I told you in 2006 that all the signs were present for a US housing crisis that would engulf the world in a financial crisis, you didn't listen. When I told you in 2007 that the crisis was happening and organised a conference to discuss strategies to prepare for and manage it, you didn't listen and you didn't come to the conference. If you were invited as a speaker, you denied there was a problem and declined to speak.

So, listen now: ...

Nigel Morris-Cotterill




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