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Case Summary: 

Right from the days of snake oil potions and the Carbolic Smokeball Company, charlatans have sold fake pharma to the gullible and the desperate. Amongst the most desperate, and the most gullible, are those who believed the claims by a company that it had a herbal preparation that increased length and girth of the penis and increased sexual performance. As a herbal preparation, the product sidestepped US Food and Drug Administration approval. Thousands of customers who paid a substantial amount for the tablets complained they did not work as advertised, or at all. The Department of Justice and other agencies had to take a look.

Type of conduct: 
Money Laundering

German bank, Deutsche Bank has reportedly closed its correspondent relationships with National Bank of Kenya (NBK), a commercial bank. There are allegations of mismanagement and accounting fraud, plus suspicions of money laundering. Several members of the senior management team have left in recent weeks, not entirely voluntarily.

Sir John Hurt, CBE
was born on: 
22 January 1940
Chesterfield, Derbyshire,...
and died on: 
27 January 2017
London, England
Editorial Staff

AS more than one seventh of the world's population celebrate Chinese New Year (not that they officially call it that in China), we thought you'd like to know that China's leaders and Donald Trump aren't talking to each other and this is what they aren't saying.



The Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal has published its November 2016 order that MOHAMMED ZAHIR UDDIN, sole director of Your Right Solicitors Limited, be struck off. His failings are legion and, even, disturbing.

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While much of US President Trump's first days in office have been signing off on relatively easy to accomplish Orders delivering on some campaign promises, his big things remain protectionism and the Mexican Wall. He's found a way to deal with both in one way after Mexico told him that his plans to make them pay for a wall would hit, well, a wall.

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Nigeria's Economic and Financial Crimes Commission is one of those rare beasts, an FIU with teeth. It has strong investigative powers and strong powers to freeze assets. Its officers even have US law-enforcement blousons with EFCC in big letters on the back which they wear during televised raids. Increasingly, the rich and powerful are coming into range and they don't like it. But the EFCC is not backing off. In fact, it's increasing its activity.

Case Summary: 

After pleading guilty to operating a Ponzi-style fraud based upon supposed returns from real estate investments, a Californian man has been jailed for six and a half years.

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Type of conduct: 
Ponzi / Pyramid fraud

The USA's Internal Revenue Service has issued a statement saying that grandparents who, in practical terms, take the place of parents to look after children, should check if their are entitled to Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC), which is a means-tested rebate in tax liability.

The list of items that HMRC says were particularly silly in 2014-5 tax returns is amusing but not so bad. You should see what lawyers have claimed in bills to clients as expenses.

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When you look at your visitor logs, do you see that your custom 404 (page not found) page is hit over and over again by search engines? We ourselves find that Bingbot is the primary culprit, despite our having filed with bing a request to stop it. But there is a brute-force solution and it's incredibly easy to apply.

In recent weeks, we've seen a significant number of spam-scams from a domain that is remarkably similar to an official UK government domain, showing that registrars and hosts are failing to identify obviously fraudulent customers. The fraudulent domain name is close enough to the real thing to fool many targets.

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In the world of financial crime, to which so many of our readers have a connection, a "watch list" is a list of "entities" (people, companies, associations or even things) that are the subjects of warning notices or sanctions, for example.

But we think it's funny to have our own watchlist. Anyone who has not signed up for one of the various membership schemes can sign up to get an e-mail from time to time.

Here are the principles:

Those who think that the people who brought the action and the Judges who found in favour of the Complainants simply do not understand: if they want to blame someone, blame whoever stuffed up Bill that provided for a Referendum.

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