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This image from The Guardian shows Dominic Chappell standing somewhere sunny, in front of lots of yachts, saying he moved a large sum of money out of the accounts of BHS days before calling in the administrators.

Write down what that conjures up on your mind before clicking to read this story.

Editorial Staff

If there is one race that Valentino Rossi can gloat over, it's the Spanish GP at Jerez. He wins here more than anyone else which always gets up the noses of the Spanish riders. But not the Spanish fans who don't seem to care if their riders don't win - so long as its Rossi that beats them.

Bryan Edwards

If there is one day that we should be proud to be English, it's today. It's St George's Day and it's the day chosen to celebrate Shakespeare's 400th Birthday.

Jefferson Galt
was born on: 
7 June 1958
Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA
and died on: 
21 April 2016
Chanhassen, Minnesota, USA
Prince by name, Prince by nature.

I'm 35 years old and my parents split up when I was two. I've not heard anything at all about my father until recently when a relative told me that he had been asking about me. When I've asked my mother, she's refused to talk about him. Should I ask the relative to put us in touch? How do you think my mother would respond?

Just as in Bahrain, first lap argy-bargy created the drama and shaped much of this year's Chinese Grand Prix in Shanghai. And yet in-car footage shows a disturbing similarity between many of the incidents.

Bryan Edwards

If the UK leaves the European Union, it will have a choice as to whether to revoke, modify or retain laws that are imposed by reason of EU Directives. The Financial Sector is one of the areas most affected by EU-imposed laws. Here are three examples of relevant laws and the likely effect on the UK financial sector if the UK left the EU.

Editorial Staff

Amazingly, a cosmetic surgeon in the UK does not need to be a Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons. He just needs a medical licence (and sometimes not even that) and a scalpel (or a syringe or some shiny tech). In the highly lucrative - and highly competitive - world of "procedures," the General Medical Council says things have to change.

Editorial Staff
Open Letter to ( CEO ): 
Mr Phil Urban
Open Letter to ( Company ): 
Mitchells and Butlers



Herne Bay, Kent


Disabled access is not signposted, is potentially dangerous for the infirm, is extremely inconvenient and is impossible for wheelchair users without assistance.

UK Labour (socialist) Party leader Jeremy Corbyn is using his attack on the Conservative Prime Minister David Cameron as a smoke screen for an attack on the wealth of all families in the UK, including Labour's own voters in furtherance of his hard left ideas that are closer to communism than the (relatively) benign socialism of even the radical Blair/Brown government.

Nigel Morris-Cotterill

There is a media flurry as ill-informed media organisations jump up looking to unsettle governments by showing that national leaders have used off-shore vehicles for asset protection and tax avoidance. Some may also have used them for tax evasion. In addition to politicians, business leaders and ordinary families are revealed as using such techniques. But behind the over-excited and sometimes inaccurate reporting, lies a remarkably unremarkable story that starts with a theft of confidential data.

If data were goods, then the media would be dealing in stolen property.

Editorial Staff

I'm a middle aged, white, Christian, heterosexual man in a profession. I own my own home, drive a nice car and take foreign holidays.

Why do so many people dislike me?

Isolated of Cheshire

When WhatsApp was bought by Facebook, the immediate fear was not the NSA or other government snooping (most aware users took that for granted anyway) but the likelihood that FaceBook would link WhatsApp activity to FaceBook activity giving the company access to far more information about one's life than users might like. Yesterday, WhatsApp addressed that concern. But before it did so, it quietly provided a back door to all your WhatsApp data and sold it as a benefit.

Editorial Staff




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