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As Formula One hits its stride, the drivers set off more like the last run on a skiing holiday, and like Italians in the lift queue.

Bryan Edwards

I'm embarrassed to say that I was so wrong about the Formula One 2016 qualifying format. It looked like such an excellent idea but it's turned out to be awful for the fans - although it does deliver what appears to be the correct grid. The drivers have an immense dislike of the format, too. So I have an idea that basically nicks the best of qualifying from several other series - and that gives the fans a reason to invest their Saturdays.

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Bryan Edwards
Editorial Staff

Three weeks ago, three young recruits from the FBI's secretive high tech hacking unit sat in their bunker (it's a room above a dry-cleaner's in a side street in Falls Church but don't tell them we know) and pondered the issue of how to break into an iPhone. The FBI has a near-unlimited stock of the phones that they routinely confiscate from criminals but which don't qualify as evidence. And with each of them holding handfuls of the phones, they went to work and, much to the annoyance of the "establishment" that wanted to force Apple to give them access, these three tykes found access. Here's how they did it. Their names have been changed to protect the joke.

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There is a certain bizarre coincidence that a product designed to aid couples to have less messy (or yukky, depending on your view point) sex during the woman's period is, because of similarities in web addresses, easy to confuse with someone who makes caps.

Welcome to the world of FLEXFIT(S).

Editorial Staff
Ronnie Corbett, CBE
was born on: 
4 December 1930
Edinburgh, Scotland
and died on: 
31 March 2016
London, England
In laugh as it is in death.

It is a source of some consternation that representatives of Philippines bank RCBC continue to claim that they cannot disclose details of transactions relating to the transmission through the bank of moneys stolen from the Bank of Bangladesh because bank secrecy laws prevent it.

Here we set out why that position is nonsensicle, in the particular circumstances of the case and what can be done to resolve the position.

Nigel Morris-Cotterill

OVH is a cloud services provider. They ask that we write to them, via a form on their website, to report abuse. We did. Their system didn't work.

So here we are.

Dear OVH: You read it here first. Because your reporting system is broken and people are using your IP addresses to hammer our servers. Stop it.

CoNet Administrator
Case Summary: 

Gilbert G. Lundstrom of Lincoln, Nebraska, USA is 74 years old. He's been sentenced to 11 years in jail for his part in a scheme to hide more than USD100 million in losses from shareholders and investors in TierOne bank. He's also been fined USD1.2 million.

Corporate fraud
Editorial Staff

Perhaps the most telling statement relating to yesterday's hijacking of a EgyptAir flight from Egypt to Cairo came from Egypt's Foreign Ministry, as quoted by the BBC: "He is not a terrorist he's an idiot. Terrorists are crazy but they are not stupid. This guy is."

Yet, for all his stupidity, his actions raise some serious questions.

Editorial Staff

The attention focused on The Anti Money Laundering Council in The Philippines is largely unjustified. It can only what the law allows and, as World Money Laundering Report Vol 15 Number 2 will show, the law falls a long way short of ideal - and it's not only casinos.

But, as the graphic below shows, it's not the only problem AMLC has.

Editorial Staff
Nigel Morris-Co...

In June 2015, a Bill was introduced to the House of Lords. It had not been put before the House of Commons. It proposes to increase the age at which children are expected to know right from wrong from 10 years to 12 years. It is a very short Bill, reproduced below. The idea makes no sense and it diminishes child protection.

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CoNet Administrator

In 2009, an IRS inspection found "systemic" failures in the money laundering control systems at a small supermarket, Thriftway Food Mart which provided cheque cashing services and the sale of money orders, activities which require it to be registered as a Money Services Business with FinCEN and to impose and maintain appropriate systems. The sole proprietor of the business, who is also its compliance officer, was issued with a warning from FinCEN. So that's all good, then, you might think. Well, ... no.


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At the heart of the Philippines aspect of the Bank of Bangladesh case appears to be a "businessman" known as Kim WONG. But in less than 30 seconds, we discovered that as recently as 2001, he held a Chinese passport in the name WONG Kam Sin - and used it to get out of The Philippines in the face of an investigation.

Editorial Staff
Editorial Staff

Israel is at last planning to include tax evasion as an offence within its counter-money laundering laws. It is unjustifiably proud of itself. On the face of it the Bill meets the FATF requirements but underneath the gloss it provides a convenient escape route for the vast majority of Isrealis - and those who may be subject to investigation overseas.




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