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Some people think Jenson Button is just doing a contractual obligation race because he's possibly the most relaxed man, woman or child in the entire paddock. Hell, sans alcool, he may just be the most relaxed person in Monaco. Does that mean he's dozing off? Not at all: the consummate racing professional is back, and with it McLaren's best brand ambassador. Just don't mention Honda...

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Valentino Rossi's week has borne promise, then failure then near possible catastrophe. Thank God it's Saturday and a new week starts tomorrow.

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Long long ago, there was a phrase circulating among money laundering investigators that in every money laundering scheme, there is a lawyer. The Financial Conduct Authority, in an action in the Central Criminal Court, has proved that you can't run a property fraud unless someone is doing the paperwork and, in the UK, that's likely to be a solicitor.

The news that two bombs were detonated, about five minutes apart, at a busy bus station in Jakarta last night is, at the time of writing, the latest in a series of mass murders, apparently perpetrated under the false-flag of Islam. The bus station, in the Eastern part of the city, is a primary transport hub for working class Indonesians, the vast majority of whom are Muslim. The two suicide bombers succeeded in killing three police officers and injuring about 30 members of the public. What is worse, is that the attacks are disrupting preparations for the Holy Month of Ramadan which begins on Saturday.

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"Diploma, established in 1976, is a publicly listed commercial construction and property development company, undertaking a diverse portfolio of commercial, retail and high density residential projects," according to its website but Australia's corporate regulator, ASIC, has appointed liquidators to the group. Its shares on ASX have been suspended since the end of August 2016

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The full details have yet to be uncovered but police are certain of one thing: the bomb that was triggered by a suicide attacker in the lobby of the Manchester Arena late last night is being classified as terrorism. Who, what and why remains to be seen but the fact that a second device, apparently intended to cause harm to those escaping from the first and/or emergency services arriving on the scene are indicative of long-established terrorism tactics.

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Nicky Hayden
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30 July 1981
Owensboro, Kentucky, USA
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22 May 2017
Cesena, Italy

We are all internet users and the internet is supposed to be a broadly free medium (albeit one we pay for) but there was one piece of regulation that militated against all good sense in the cause of supposed equality for all. So-called Net Neutrality is a flawed interference in the freedom of commercial concerns to enter into agreements with individual customers and, more than that, it risks damaging commerce. Now the USA is proposing to reverse the position taken under the Obama government. This is why it should do so. But equally, this is why one major element of it must remain.

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We have identified illegal copies of World Money Laundering Report publicised on YouTube, a Google / Alphabet company via a link to a domain difa.us which is registered behind an anonymous e-mail account. When we looked further into the circumstances we found illegal copies of the works of a number of other publishers of professional material including Lexis-Nexis posted under several apparent aliases.

We know that companies gather data when you interact with them (even we do, but it's very, very little and what we do with it is mostly for our protection) but do you know what they collect?

Here's an example from search engine Ask.Com

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It's a year since the EU's Tobacco Products Directive came into force in the UK but its full effects were not required until a grace period to allow a run-out of stocks in the distribution pipeline. So as from now, the way products are marketed and, even, produced.

The USA seems to have some serious problems with naming crimes. We're not talking about the nonsensical "identity theft" or, even, "conspiracy" with no hint of what the defendant conspired to do. No, these are just ridiculous names for simple offences.


It's a kind of rule, isn't it? Date one - no touching, date two a peck on the cheek and maybe a quick snog and date three yippeeeeeee!

So what went wrong?

The wording says "If you'd like to cancel just part of your order... please contact us and quote your order number." So, like the obedient chap I am, I did.

This is my exchange with Marks and Spencer's Chatbot.

And you think AI will protect your bank?

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