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The USA's Internal Revenue Service has issued a statement saying that grandparents who, in practical terms, take the place of parents to look after children, should check if their are entitled to Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC), which is a means-tested rebate in tax liability.

The list of items that HMRC says were particularly silly in 2014-5 tax returns is amusing but not so bad. You should see what lawyers have claimed in bills to clients as expenses.

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When you look at your visitor logs, do you see that your custom 404 (page not found) page is hit over and over again by search engines? We ourselves find that Bingbot is the primary culprit, despite our having filed with bing a request to stop it. But there is a brute-force solution and it's incredibly easy to apply.

In recent weeks, we've seen a significant number of spam-scams from a domain that is remarkably similar to an official UK government domain, showing that registrars and hosts are failing to identify obviously fraudulent customers. The fraudulent domain name is close enough to the real thing to fool many targets.

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In the world of financial crime, to which so many of our readers have a connection, a "watch list" is a list of "entities" (people, companies, associations or even things) that are the subjects of warning notices or sanctions, for example.

But we think it's funny to have our own watchlist. Anyone who has not signed up for one of the various membership schemes can sign up to get an e-mail from time to time.

Here are the principles:

Those who think that the people who brought the action and the Judges who found in favour of the Complainants simply do not understand: if they want to blame someone, blame whoever stuffed up Bill that provided for a Referendum.

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US President Donald Trump has reinstated an old policy that blocks foreign aid being passed to any charity that even discusses abortion, setting the stage for Boston Legal revisited. But, not all is quite as it first seems.

US President Donald Trump issued a number of diktats (sorry, Executive Orders) on his first full day in office. But one is likely to greater impact : a blanket freeze on recruitment at all federal offices.

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Listening to Bernie Ecclestone trying to swerve between keeping commercial confidences and his natural desire to talk to the press at the end of last season was an object lesson in how to tell smiling lies, or to tell such a deviant version of the truth that it might as well have been lies. There were two special examples: there were no negotiations for the sale of F1 and, when that was proved wrong, that Bernie would be in place at the new company for three years. That one was proved incorrect, yesterday, when the deal with Liberty Media was completed and Bernie's jobs were both taken over by someone else.

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We've been trying to access the website at for several minutes. Aside from a pop up about location, nothing else has responded. But what we do know from other media is that United was grounded by the FAA, apparently at the airline's request, for all domestic flights for a period of two hours. International flights were not affected.

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People who turn up at US embassies around the world and want to see the Ambassador are in for a long wait: many ambassadors appointed under Obama have had the call from Trump's people. They said "you've been fired."

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As Yahya Jammeh flies out of The Gambia in an chartered aircraft, the poverty-stricken nation looks forward to an improving economy and a a fairer division of the country's wealth. While no one is suggesting Abacha levels of money have been expatriated, there will be those who will want to ensure that there has not been large-scale plunder. But will a deal with the UN, the The United Nations, the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) and the African Union (AU) given him and his family and associates a free pass? Not entirely and FCROs should be on the lookout for money, including that moving in a direction that might not be expected.

Following on from Part 1 of our analysis of Theresa May's Brexit speech last week, here are the highlights from and comments on the next part of her plan. And how the plan does not reflect the wishes of the people as recorded in the Referendum.

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We continue our look at Theresa May's speech setting out her position and plan for the UK to leave the EU.

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It's time for grandparents to remember when they had to recite their "times tables" at infants' school. And guess what, while those around you have lost their brains and reach for calculators for the simplest tasks, you are still able to do multiplication in your head, mostly by just remembering that one number times another equals a third.

Use these tables to help your grand-kids, because all too often modern schooling methods don't.

On this page, times twelve. Click the "Times tables" link at the bottom of the page for other tables