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There is good reason to shake heads. A year or so ago, the UK Treasury initiated a consultation in which it issued "A call for evidence to review the UK’s Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Counter Financing of Terrorism (CFT) Supervisory Regime." In addition to the fact that, as a British body it really should get the English right and refer to counter-money laundering and anti-terrorist financing, it was all a bit lacking in balls. At least if the consultation was so afflicted, it's no surprise that the result is largely emasculated, too.

It is, perhaps, ironic that one of Ferrari's most ardent supporters, Bernie Ecclestone, isn't the boss of F1 any longer as the Prancing Horse danced its way into the first victory of the 2017 F1 Grand Prix season in Melbourne, Australia.

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Qualifying for the Qatar MotoGP race was cancelled due to bad weather. 24 hours later, the race itself was delayed for half-an hour and then, when the riders went out on a sighting lap, several concluded that parts of the track were too wet to even attempt turn 14. Then the Stewards sent out Laurence Capirossi to check. It was a weird situation.

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Now the cars have arrived at a proper race weekend, we can at last see what the cars look like, hear what they sound like and get some comparative data on this year's cars against last year's. And we can see what might be not quite right and that's a long list.

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Of course, no one should evade tax. It is and always has been a tenet of tax law that declaring income and assets for tax is the responsibility of the taxpayer. But the OECD has long wanted to gain xray vision into bank accounts and with its "Automatic Exchange of Information" project, every bank account in the world will be subject to "automatic" inspection by "participating jurisdictions." Watch out for blacklists of jurisdictions that argue that there are local legal obstacles to free access to account information.

The pilot of a Bombardier Challenger 604 executive jet has reported that his aircraft suffered "significant loss of altitude, abnormal flight attitudes and accelerations beyond the certificated flight envelope." Damage was substantial. It is reported that a large freighter passed at approved separation (the distance between two aircraft in flight) but that there was significant turbulence resulting. It is said that the freighter was an Airbus A380.

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We even had difficulty deciding which section to put this case in: is it a Ponzi scheme? Well, sort of. Is it an investment fraud? Perhaps. Is it a document fraud, a "wire fraud" or accounting fraud? How about operating an unlicensed securities business, or an unlicensed investment business? One thing is certain: as soon as he claimed to have a "proprietary trading program," his victims should have run away.

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Ponzi / Pyramid fraud

Sometimes they robbed and sometimes they snatched. But they did identify and contact their targets through on-line advertising site "craigslist.com." Then they made an offer that any normal person would think was too good to be true. One has to feel sorry for victims of crime but sometimes one also has to point out that they were just a bit too stupid or greedy. Here's a lesson in why people should be cautious.

It's proof that no one, no matter how good, can guarantee that there are no IT security risks in their products. US-CERT, the US government body that reports risks discovered in products, has its usual raft of Adobe and Microsoft products in this week's list but there is a surprising entry: data security company F-Secure, a recognised leader in the field, has made an appearance, too.

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AW.. it's so nice to see the hidden depths of affection that Trump and Merkel have for each other. Oh, wait, that might be something different. Let's listen into private chat that never actually happened between AngDon.

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Coverage, when referring to insurance e.g. Obamacare, "The Affordable Care Act" or the Trump-backed version, American Health Care Act (AHCA)

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Regardless of whether Trump suffers from fake news, pre-election tv coverage in TV studios was amazing for the strong statements of false news made by guests on panels or in audiences. These are both hilarious and scary.