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Da'esh has, for much of its reign of terror, been funded from a range of sources. Although it is difficult to say exactly, the general feeling is that the largest, or close to the largest, has been from the sale, albeit on the black market, of oil. After a period in the doldrums, oil prices are rising again and, therefore, so will Da'esh's funding. But, of course, it's more complicated than that.

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World Money Laundering Report (WorldMoneyLaunderingReport.com) was first published in 1999. Over the following 17 years it appeared in 15 volumes, the last issue being published in December 2016. As from January 2017, WMLR will enter version 2.0 of its development.

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A man has been convicted of bankruptcy fraud after a five-year scheme that used fraudulent bankruptcy petitions to bring him a return of approximately USD3 million.

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Insolvency offences
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Oscar Wilde (who was Irish) said that the English and the Americans are common people divided by a single language. Or something like that. He was right. The divergence between English and American can cause some serious confusion.

Here are some examples


Headline: Lewis Hamilton has won 10 races this year, Nico Rosberg has won 9. Hamilton won in Abu Dhabi, Rosberg won the championship. Hamilton has had a disproportionate number of mechanical and electronic failures but he's also had a propensity to ruin his own starts. But, even so, Hamilton does seem to have been hard done by and even his team has, from time to time, been a little less than even in their support for their two drivers.

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21 races across five continents and barely time for the teams to breath: for the mechanics and technicians, strategists and skills we never see, who commit their lives to F1, this morning the morning most of them, on a personal level, have been waiting for. They are going home and, after the trucks get back to base and everything is put into its locker, they can go home and see families that have been largely neglected for the past eight months or so. But for one person it's a eulogy, for three people it's the end of an era.

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For all the nonsense that the EU gets up to, there are some, little known parts, that do extremely good and valuable work. The European Union's Judicial Cooperation Unit, which goes by the moniker EuroJust, is one of those units. There is also Europol’s European Cybercrime Centre (EC3). Add in Europol itself, plus some other agencies that combine intelligence, investigation and prosecution and the EU has a sound infrastructure for combatting intra-community crime. It's essential that this part of the EU is retained when the UK leaves for without it all will be weaker.

On 23 November, the Council of the EU published a set of "conclusions" of the council and Representatives of the governments of Member States on "the prevention of radicalisation leading to violent extremism." If there was ever a subject that was more fraught with danger in relation to definitions and concepts, it's hard to think of one. But the conclusions are based on a premise that is very familiar:that criminals aren't to blame for their actions - it's society's fault.

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