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The wording says "If you'd like to cancel just part of your order... please contact us and quote your order number." So, like the obedient chap I am, I did.

This is my exchange with Marks and Spencer's Chatbot.

And you think AI will protect your bank?

Nigel Morris-Co...

For decades we have been told that we should address everyone by their Christian or first name, even if we have never met. In the past ten years or so, we have been subjected to the constant diminishing of the term "Friend." It's time to stop this and to return to a world where there are boundaries and where everyone knows where they are. And more, it's time to return to formality in business correspondence and, most importantly, to start to show respect for each other instead of a presumption of homogenisation. Why? Because we need healthy scepticism not blind acceptance of everyone and everything.

Yesterday, the USA named several people under the OFAC Specially Designated Nationsls "SDN" list. They are all PEPs in Venezuala so they have gone from "be careful with.." to "don't touch."

When, in 2006, US "hedge funds" began to have trouble meeting their obligations, honest ones went out of business while others faked accounts and ran Ponzi schemes and the US government largely ignored the warnings that such collapses give.

How should the world interpret the collapse of UK fund manager Strand Capital?

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Nicky Hayden, the 2006 MotoGP champion is in serious condition after being involved in a road accident near Rimini on the Italian Riviera.

Bryan Edwards

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It might seem an unlikely financial crime but in effect that's what it was: a scheme to get free sex from prostitutes by means of fraud. Prosecutors stopped short of charging him with rape (although his actions arguably negated the consent the women gave) but did charge him with obtaining sex by coercion. But that was only one of his charges.

Other financial crime
World Money Laundering Report

We are not pretending to be making any contribution to the story about this spectacularly successful virus - we're just helping spread information about it. This is from the USA Government's information service about cyber-threats, US-CERT which is part of the Department of Homeland Security.

17 May 2017

Editorial Staff

My mother met a man on an internet dating site and just a few weeks later he travelled from Portugal to come to see her in Birmingham, England. He arrived for the weekend and two years later he's still here. I don't like him and I don't trust him. We aren't rich but he was unemployed in Portugal and he's not worked all the time he's been in the UK.

It might seem a bit of a stretch to suggest that Uber, the dating service for those with a car that isn't a taxi and those with a transport need has much to do with FinTech but a long-running battle first in Spain and then in the European Court of Justice makes a landmark decision that affects the provision of so-called "disruptive" technologies and although it's couched in complex legal terms, the opinion represents a victory for common sense - and potentially causes enormous problems in relation to some aspects of passporting. Financial regulators all over the world should take notice:...

Nigel Morris-Cotterill
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The conviction of a resident of California for distributing illegal content over a peer-to-peer computer network is the latest strike against supposedly untraceable material on the internet. It's a "tip of the iceberg" moment but it shows that there are ways of investigating and securing convictions across apparently secure and secret methods of content distribution.

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It's been around since the latter stages of the US election, first being reported in October 2016 and it's a hoax.

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of good repute
of good reputation
well regarded

One might imagine that, in a post-11 September 2001 world, The Americas would be the worst place that anyone could use an aircraft for illegal purposes. But it's not so. The skies remain friendly to drug dealers for whom aircraft are a tool of choice.




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