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Dear Uncle Bert and Auntie Gert


I'm a 50 year old father of a twenty five year old son and a 22 year old daughter. My wife is 48.

We are a family divided: my wife and I think that Britain would be better if we leave the EU and our children think it would be better if we stayed.

I'm 35 years old and my parents split up when I was two. I've not heard anything at all about my father until recently when a relative told me that he had been asking about me. When I've asked my mother, she's refused to talk about him. Should I ask the relative to put us in touch? How do you think my mother would respond?

I'm a middle aged, white, Christian, heterosexual man in a profession. I own my own home, drive a nice car and take foreign holidays.

Why do so many people dislike me?

Isolated of Cheshire


Hey, Bert and Gert

I need your help. I met a girl online and went out with her.

I really tried to impress her.