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It's Time To Look After Yourself

Across much of Europe, late night TV viewers can often find themselves channel surfing and subjected to pornographic "teasers" for even more outrageous material as paid-for services. Thai women (girls, mostly) often feature on these promotional videos, sometimes alone, sometimes with another girl. Thailand has a new law about on-line obscenity and has brought the first charges against two women who engaged in very mild acts using Facebook Live.

Annabelle Natalie "Belle" Gibson, an Australian, claimed that she was 20 years old when, in 1999, she was told she had cancer. But that was a lie: she was only 8 years old in 1999. That was just the first in this shameful tale of exploitation of those who suffer from the disease. She's been convicted and fined. Many people think this is not enough.

In one of the most extraordinary results of a court case in recent memory, the New South Wales has ordered that a man, who cannot be named for legal reasons, is to be approved to run a childcare business despite a conviction for sexual offences, a number of other reported alleged sexual events that did not result in prosecution and alleged domestic violence. Whatever happened to the basic "fit and proper" test?

The tendency to create child-free zones is growing. Some people strongly applaud the fact that they have the choice to be in an environment where they are less likely to be disturbed by children but others consider it a restriction on their freedom. But surely there should be one over-riding principle - my place, my rules, says Nigel Morris-Cotterill

USA: Deaths from opioid overdose continue to rise - and the problem has spread outside the USA

Almost anything we can write as a first sentence about this subject sounds flippant and that is absolutely not the impression we want to give. For sure, a recent press briefing from Tom Price, the Secretary for Health and Human Services is written in such poor English that at times one has to re-read it to work out what he is trying to say, and that's ignoring all the superfluous verbiage as he tries to sound interesting. But cut through the mass of chatter and vague statements and the hard facts are far more than merely interesting, they are disturbing: every year, the number of Americans who die from an overdose of legal pain-killers is more than the previous year and the numbers are big...

Many people, especially those making statements on behalf of companies, are afraid to say "sorry" in case it becomes an admission of liability that brings with it adverse consequences. It's time for change.

California's Attorney-General Xavier Becerra is rightly pleased with himself. The United States Supreme Court was set to hear an appeal from the San Diego District Court in the case of Peruta v. California relating to the carrying of firearms in public, in particular concealed weapons. But seven of the nine Supreme Court Justices found that there were no grounds for appeal and dismissed it. The two who dissented included POTUS Trump's appointment, Justice Neil M. Gorsuch. The decision is unlikely to be the final word as Peruta and others claim their case is a constitutional matter and they almost never seem to go away, even if they are catatonic for a while.

London's fire brigades are busy and there are several types of fire that happen more often than they should. One of those is kitchen fires some of which are caused when cooking is left unattended. It's easy to do that when so many devices these days have timers built in but, London Fire Brigade says "You should never leave cooking unattended – if you have to leave the room or the house, make sure to turn the heat off before you do.”

It's issued a list of safety measures that are applicable no matter where you live (except, of course, to change to emergency number to that of your country)

Malaysia's National Pharmaceutical Regulatory Agency has banned sales of several products produced by "Dr Vida," who has become wealthy selling, amongst other things, Qu Gebu AP Krim.

It's a year since the EU's Tobacco Products Directive came into force in the UK but its full effects were not required until a grace period to allow a run-out of stocks in the distribution pipeline. So as from now, the way products are marketed and, even, produced.

According to urbandictionary.com "SJW" is a pejorative term " for an individual promoting socially progressive views, including feminism, civil rights, multiculturalism, and identity politics." Apparently, the term has mutated from a positive term for social and political activist to become regarded in a negative light. Who's right? And is this power grab in Society's interest? Or do we need to take an Oddball lesson?

Sometimes they robbed and sometimes they snatched. But they did identify and contact their targets through on-line advertising site "craigslist.com." Then they made an offer that any normal person would think was too good to be true. One has to feel sorry for victims of crime but sometimes one also has to point out that they were just a bit too stupid or greedy. Here's a lesson in why people should be cautious.

Has the media lost its collective senses and its sense of responsibility or is it now driven by a desire to be "across the story" as the BBC has, infuriatingly, been saying recently in both in its news broadcasts and on its website? Are headlines more important than facts? Has the tabloid objective of telling the story in 200 words or less finally become the norm? Has scanning twitter for hashtags and republishing comments found there taken the place of research? And is it possible to find real news without there being a Trump slant on it somewhere? Indeed, does the world have any other politicians except the nominal politician and arguably the most successful chancer in recent times, US President Trump?

The Sumatran Rhino is beyond cute but it's not fluffy so when it went functionally extinct in Malaysia in late 2015, hardly anyone noticed. Attempts to save it have been continuing for years with some successes and many failures. A small dedicated team refuses to give up. What, we wondered, could we come up with if we set our colleagues over at The Anti Money Laundering Network the task of the kind of identify-the-dots-that-don't-appear-to-join-up thinking they use in relation to financial crime that they use as the basis for leaps of faith, illogical jumps and a bit of over-the-horizon thinking. The results give some clues and where they led us was via the Sumatran Rhino to possibilities of producing humans to order to colonise other worlds. But first, let's start with the problems...