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Thought of the Day

we must try to find ways to starve the terrorist and the hijacker of the oxygen of publicity on which they depend. In our societies we do not believe in constraining the media, still less in censorship. But ought we not to ask the media to agree among themselves a voluntary code of conduct, a code under which they would not say or show anything which could assist the terrorists’ morale or their cause while the hijack lasted?

-- Margaret Thatcher - Speech to the American Bar Association - 1985

I'm waiting to see what the Australian Royal Commission into financial institutions demands to see in relation to ASIC's supervision of Australian FIs' conduct, or misconduct, overseas in recent years including past and present investments in foreign institutions and the Commission's own questioning of FIs' officers on the same subject, especially, but not exclusively, in relation to money laundering. etc.

-- Nigel Morris-Cotterill, www.countermoneylaundering.com

AMP is deeply disappointed that its advice business has charged customers fees where service has not been provided and for misleading the regulator in this regard. We apologise unreservedly to our customers, our regulator and the community more broadly.

--- AMP statement here

We humans learn by our mistakes.

We know it's a mistake because society (retrospectively) tells us, because it hurts or because it breaks a moral code.

Are we willing to let machines do the same?

-- Nigel Morris-Cotterill.

When a European-built airliner or an EU manufactuer's aero-engine has a major incident, the fleet is grounded. Yet this week has seen yet another in a series of catastrophic failures in an American-built airliner with an American engine - this one with a punctured cabin, depressurisation, death ... oh, well. No biggy.

-- PleaseBeInformed.com - Thought of the day.

Intelligence is born of learning for oneself - every thing else is data. But we only learn by trial and error. Are we ready to hand over critical business functions to machines that we know will make mistakes but we don't know what mistakes they will make nor the consequences of them?
-- Nigel Morris-Cotterill www.countermoneylaundering.com

Time is the most valuable thing that a man can spend.

Diogenes Laërtius, (404 - 323 B.C.)

Yesterday, internet hosts Names.co.uk migrated our Group's websites to their servers. We continue to have trouble with most of our sites including several that are broken completely. This site is not working properly and we suspect that is related to problems with the https security certificate. We are pressing Names.co.uk to solve the problems they have created but, after some 12 hours, we have little or no faith in their ability to do so with the requisite skill and attention. We regret the difficulty that our customers and clients are facing due to problems that are outside our control.

Thales was asked what was very difficult; he said: To know one's self.

-- Diogenes Laërtius, (404 - 323 B.C.)


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