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Thought of the Day

"The fundamentals of the economy are strong."

US Senator John McCain pushing the Federal Reserves fiction - less than 24 hours later Lehmann Brothers collapsed making it impossible for the lies to continue.

I used to think that nothing we learn is wasted. Now I know that the greatest waste is to learn but to ignore the lesson, to make the same mistakes again .. and again.. and again, like watching a replay on TV and expecting something different to happen. Of course, it won't.

- Jefferson Galt

It takes four months from the time the World Food Programme receives funds until food reaches the country and into the hands of families in need.

- World Food Programme on the looming famine across Africa.

"I made it to the semi-final [of So You Think You Can Dance]. But then I was told that I couldn’t win, because as a Palestinian I have no nationality."
- Ballet dancer Ahmad Joudeh.
"We make very clear that we will never accept that behind our back the UK is starting trade negotiations with other countries before the withdrawal."
- EU "Brexit" negotiator Guy Verhofstadt replying to Article 50 Notice

Love like there's no tomorrow.

Because, one day, there will be no tomorrow

from The Thoughts of Jefferson Galt

He who knows all the answers has not been asked all the questions

- Confucius (attrib)

Perhaps McLaren Honda should have bailed out Manor. Then at least there would be someone who might be slower than McLaren Honda are.

Westminster Terrorism: no matter how sad, bad or mad this is, the UK is still safer than it was in the 1970s with "tooled up" skinheads roaming the streets looking for "bovva"




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