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Used Physical Aids




When one of our own team's parents no longer needed the disability and mobility equipment they had bought, they found to their surprise that manufacturers and retailers did not operate a buy-back scheme. Most did not even offer a trade-in scheme against equipment that was, due to change in conditions, more suitable. One supplier said, dismissively, to advertise an almost new scooter on e-Bay.

Our colleague looked further into the difficulties he and his family were facing and discovered that this problem is far bigger than a few families: it's almost everyone who purchases aids - and he found that many people are forced into buying new when a good quality used device would serve them very well at a lower cost. And it's happening all over the world.

Our chap came to us and said "what if we built a section within PleaseBeInformed.com that would allow individuals to advertise their own used items for sale? Can we do it without charging much?"

We looked at it and decided that, yes, we could and yes, we could. So here it is: UsedPhysicalAids.Com.