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Waheed Zaman explains that the fall of Afghanistan to the Taliban has widespread implications for money laundering and a range of other financial crimes.

This piece was written on 22 August 2021, almost immediately after the fall of Kabul.

The situation in Afghanistan is appalling. Exactly how appalling, we cannot know unless we are present. As journalists fly in, report from the tarmac or, in one case, from just outside the airport gates as bullets flew, we get a multitude of one-dimensional pictures that create a collage but not a cohesive whole. Stories of abuse are rife but on the other hand so are stories that the Taliban is far from the version of 20 years ago. All we can say is that the situation is extraordinarily complex, dangerous and it's likely to become far, far worse.

In the middle of all of this, a mail arrives. It's headed "Urgent request from Mohammed."

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Da'esh is proving far more difficult to eradicate than many politicians would have the world believe. Yesterday's attack on Save the Children in Jalalabad, Afghanistan,has been claimed by the group's PR division. But they claim almost every newsworthy attack these days. Does that mean they did, or didn't do it?

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