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Motor racing is, sometimes, the cruellest of sports. There was no competition for the Toyota Hybrids as they closed out their season and the end of their very successful venture into LMP1. And, as the race wore on, it was clear that the early lead taken by Mike Conway, Kamui Kobayashi and Jose Maria Lopez developed into a routine. Nothing would stop them winning their first major race and it was well deserved. Then the tech started to play up..

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This might just be the shortest motorsport article ever. Can it even reach past the "Read More" link onto a full page?

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Alonso Escapes Melbourne 2016 attribution unknownIf there is one thing that the F1 world can be pleased about, it's that the first race of the 2016 World Championship was often more like a junior kart race than top class single seater racing had become.

But an incident suggests that the halo driver protection is a terrible idea.


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