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bad service

Communications are the lifeblood of any commercial arrangement. So, when things go wrong and you need to fix them, an on-line chat is the quickest and best option: after all, while "your call may be recorded.." doesn't mean you get a record. So, on-line chats are a better solution. Or not.

(And there's more: an addendum to the original article makes things worse)

CoNet Section: 

Following the business-crippling actions by Namesco Limited which attempted to migrate our Group's websites to their servers yesterday, after 12 hours we continue to have several sites down or cannot be reached and more with problems of one kind or another. We have been and continue to press Names.co.uk to resolve the problems they have caused but have no faith in their ability or willingness to do so. We regret the inconvenience to our customers and clients as a result of these failures which are entirely outside our control. The list below includes both our own sites and sites we manage. It is not exhaustive: we are still working through all our sites to identify the scale of the problems.

CoNet Section: 



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