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There's a basic truth about terrorism: terrorists need to keep themselves in the news. From stabbing attacks on "soft" targets to mass-beheading on the side of a road, Da'eas (ISIS / ISIL ) and their loose network are past masters at getting the kind of attention that ramps up shock with periodic changes in strategy. Attacks in Indonesia combined several reasons for anger and some for shock. ChiefOfficers.Net analyses why it was so successful and the fact that they have brought horror and terror, in equal measure, from an "it happens" state of mind to "it could happen to me, anytime, anywhere" and, therefore achieves the primary...

Editorial Staff

The tendency to create child-free zones is growing. Some people strongly applaud the fact that they have the choice to be in an environment where they are less likely to be disturbed by children but others consider it a restriction on their freedom. But surely there should be one over-riding principle - my place, my rules, says Nigel Morris-Cotterill

Nigel Morris-Cotterill

Editorial Staff

Perhaps the most pressing, yet largely overlooked, problem affecting women and girls is the increasing demand to reduce the age of sexual consent to below teenage and the widespread issue of marriage of children of 12 and, even, younger. Many in the developed world ignore it, making the mistaken assumption that this is a problem in undeveloped countries and therefore of no direct relevance to them. In fact, child marriage is legal in far more developed, "Western" countries than readers might imagine.