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The UK and the USA have decided to revoke the citizenship of two women who went to the middle east to join a terrorist organisation. These are headline grabbing moves and the media is happy to co-operate because they are women and young. But they are a tiny fraction of an enormous global problem.

The British government has announced the introduction of software to "detect terrorist content" on "any online platform." According to a statement issued yesterday "Tests have shown this new tool can automatically detect 94% of Da'esh propaganda with 99.995% accuracy. " That's amazing - and one has to ask how such figures can be quantified and proved. But there is good news: while large platforms have developed their own tech, smaller companies will be able to use that developed by the British government and ASI Data Science.


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Da'esh is proving far more difficult to eradicate than many politicians would have the world believe. Yesterday's attack on Save the Children in Jalalabad, Afghanistan,has been claimed by the group's PR division. But they claim almost every newsworthy attack these days. Does that mean they did, or didn't do it?

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Continued from Part I

*First published as "The termination of "The White Widow" and the Rule of Law" at www.jeffersongalt.com*

For much of my early adult life, I lived under the threat of being the victim of a terrorist attack by the Irish Republican Army in London. I, perhaps incredibly, was not directly affected by it other than being inconvenienced while a close friend was saved from being next to bombs when they went off by a series of bizarre coincidences.

*First published as "The termination of "The White Widow" and the Rule of Law" at www.jeffersongalt.com*

The news that two bombs were detonated, about five minutes apart, at a busy bus station in Jakarta last night is, at the time of writing, the latest in a series of mass murders, apparently perpetrated under the false-flag of Islam. The bus station, in the Eastern part of the city, is a primary transport hub for working class Indonesians, the vast majority of whom are Muslim. The two suicide bombers succeeded in killing three police officers and injuring about 30 members of the public. What is worse, is that the attacks are disrupting preparations for the Holy Month of Ramadan which begins on Saturday.

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A leader in The Economist echoes the official position of, in particular, the USA in saying that "the Iraqi Army is on the brink of defeating Islamic State." In what sounds like a dangerous reprise of the claim that the war in Iraq was won, the assumption that clearing Mosul of this criminal gang will rid the world of its dangers is, and was always going to be, wrong, says Nigel Morris-Cotterill.

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Da'esh has, for much of its reign of terror, been funded from a range of sources. Although it is difficult to say exactly, the general feeling is that the largest, or close to the largest, has been from the sale, albeit on the black market, of oil. After a period in the doldrums, oil prices are rising again and, therefore, so will Da'esh's funding. But, of course, it's more complicated than that.

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On 23 November, the Council of the EU published a set of "conclusions" of the council and Representatives of the governments of Member States on "the prevention of radicalisation leading to violent extremism." If there was ever a subject that was more fraught with danger in relation to definitions and concepts, it's hard to think of one. But the conclusions are based on a premise that is very familiar:that criminals aren't to blame for their actions - it's society's fault.

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Editorial Staff

According to a report in an Israeli blog, Da'esh (it calls it ISIS) is "terrified" of a 39 year old woman who leads group that identifies Da'esh members and kills them. Of itself, the primary interest should be that the gang is led by a woman who is standing up to a misogynistic and brutal force of oppression. But it is not: the article is about what she does with the bodies. Our interest is the nature of the comments made on the report and the degree of support her brutality has obtained.

It is fascinating that the USA is having a panic attack about the spread of Da'esh / ISIS by means of propaganda. It is also ironic, given the cultural imperialism that the USA has applied through the entertainment industry - and continues to do so, shaping thinking in so many ways that even in the UK, we find ourselves dominated not by the USA's sharpest minds but by the excessively puerile.

And yet the parallels of how Da'esh / ISIS and the USA spread their messages, and reinforce them, are striking.


Morris-Cotterill The Ten Real Life Exploits Da'esh / ISIS use to Hack the World PUBLISHED March 2015 as a special issue of World Money Laundering Report Ten Exploits that Dae'sh / ISIS Use to Hack the World explains how Da'esh / ISIS has been able to become such a global force in such a short time and how the group has become the biggest threat to the world since the Ice Age.