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UK consumer borrowing spurts as consumers treat plastic like cash in their pocket. And the Bank of England fears banks may not be holding enough in reserve to cover losses when the inevitable defaults start to grow. But there is also a change in the psychology of card users.

BIScom Subsection: 

Hanjin Shipping Co. was the subject of an order placing the company into liquidation by court in Seoul this morning. Its collapse is a lesson to those that think running a deficit year after year is acceptable. Sooner or later, it found, people stop pumping good money after bad.

CoNet Section: 

A startling report published by Malaysia's state media company and widely disseminated raises questions over the granting of loans and the checks made on borrowers. It also raises the question of what problems might follow.

BIScom Subsection: 

Don't say that: 

Garnished, as in "garnished a check"

Do say this: 

Garnisheed, as in "garnisheed a cheque."