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Buried in a long and complicated judgment there is a short and simple answer to the question "can a company sue for defamation?"

Here it is.

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The following notice has been published by the Royal Courts of Justice Criminal Appeals Office

15 April 2020

And yes, the typos are in the original notice as is the mysterious absence of the "s" in Criminal Appeals - probably deliberate even though it's nonsense.

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A rapid increase in reports of influenza (which includes only those who seek medical assistance via a National Health Service reporting line) shows that the end of 2018 was a pretty miserable time for many people. But the graphs and the absolute figures tell a different tale and demonstrate that the NHS is achieving success in reducing the incidence of this condition.

The Chief Inspector of of OfStEd (the Office for Standards in Education), the education regulator in England and Wales, has said that head teachers must be allowed to make rules for the benefit of the entire pupil body and must not bow to pressure from minorities and that religion must not be used for purposes of division, and that the young must be protected from indoctrination in religious schools of all faiths.

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...Continued from yesterday

A McKenzie Friend cannot be the representative of record that is he cannot provide a "firm" or an address for service. He cannot be the agent of a litigant in person and so he cannot e.g. issue proceedings on his behalf. He does not have a right of audience, that means he cannot address the court directly, unless, in exceptional cases, the court might grant, on a one-off basis, a right to address the court and to examine witnesses. However, more McKenzie Friends are making applications for rights of audience and are being granted.

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Nigel Morris-Co...

In June 2015, a Bill was introduced to the House of Lords. It had not been put before the House of Commons. It proposes to increase the age at which children are expected to know right from wrong from 10 years to 12 years. It is a very short Bill, reproduced below. The idea makes no sense and it diminishes child protection.

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The biggest revolution in the English legal profession is under way. Not only does it appear that the Bar is carefully managing to take back its previous control of advocacy in the higher courts, new schemes to register approved advocates in some lower courts are dividing the solicitors branch. But these pale alongside the chances that have allowed solicitors practices to incorporate under a Limited Liability Partnership structure and to take in private equity.

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