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Don't say that: 

I hadn't ... yet

Do say this: 

I hadn't.. before then

There are endless difficulties in definitions. Here's an excellent example.

The USA is undertaking research into crime against and within ethnic racial groups. It is trying hard to define groups. Here's a quote: " If issuing specific guidelines for the collection of detailed White race and ethnicity data, should OMB adopt the NCT format, which includes separately German, Irish, English, Italian, Polish, and French?"

It's not the fault of the US Government that it's confused. We, the English, have the most tangled ethnicity imaginable. The only effective classification for us is "unclassifiable."

Bryan Edwards

A job advert on LinkedIn is incomprehensible. The posts advertised are for writers.

Editorial Staff

British companies are replacing English with American: today, the 4th July, just a year after declaring Independence from the EU, it's time Britain declared independence over the USA's adulteration of English.

Nigel Morris-Co...
Editorial Staff

Oscar Wilde (who was Irish) said that the English and the Americans are common people divided by a single language. Or something like that. He was right. The divergence between English and American can cause some serious confusion.

Here are some examples