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OK, so the headline's a bit click-baity. This is what happened: a pal and I were chatting about Deutsch Bank and he said that he wondered what investigators might find about Trump and his dealings with Russia.

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F.H. Bertling Ltd and six current and former employees have been convicted of conspiracy to make corrupt payments to an agent of the Angolan state oil company, Sonangol, in relation to F.H. Bertling’s freight forwarding business in Angola and a contract worth approximately $20m. One defendant was acquitted of the charges. Three of those convicted have been sentenced.

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There is something almost sad about Angela Merkel's campaign to remain relevant in world, EU and, even, German politics. Increasingly isolated on all fronts, her political rallies are carefully photographed to give the impression of many supporters rather then the dozens that actually turn up. And she's trying to find pro-EU leaders to cozy up to - in denial of the fact that her brand of EU politics is one of the things most putting the future of the Union at risk. Increasingly strident, demanding, almost hectoring of her audience, Merkel is beginning to sound like an extremist, even if her words speak of a particular form of unity. Then again, she might just be positioning herself for a top EU role.

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Angela Merkel pays the price for her rash migration policies as the German population, other domestic politicians and even EU equals say "we told you so."

Today, the UK votes on whether it has a future, or whether it will become a sub-state of a federal Europe.

That is the simple, blunt choice facing the electorate. Everything else is secondary.

Worse, the secondary arguments which have clouded the issue have been presented largely as unsupported threats to individuals or the state. If the "REMAIN" camp have almost nothing but negative pressure and promises that history shows cannot be kept, surely they have already lost their right to be trusted.

There are, quite simply, insufficient rational reasons for the UK to remain. For you, your children, their children and the country, vote LEAVE.

Here are reasoned explanations why you must.

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