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It takes only moments with a search engine to discover many complaints about LinkedIn and its policy of suspending accounts seemingly whenever it feels like it.

Here, Nigel Morris-Cotterill sets out his problems with the unsociable social media platform.

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Sometimes, one has to shake one's head in wonder. on 23rd October 2017, the UK's Financial Conduct Authority issued a notice about what it calls a "cloned firm." It's not a firm, it's a company. It would be really helpful if regulators used language more precisely. Anyway, it was this "Century Finance/Century Finance Services Limited/ Century Finance UK Limited."

The idiot that's running the scam has just sent to me - me, of all people - his pitch.

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"We discovered that our data source was modified by an unauthorized agent" says the e-mail that purports to be from LinkedIn. But it isn't. And there's even a little hint at the end to prove it.


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It all looks so viable: Henry Golding, the star of the fantastically successful film "Crazy Rich Asians", in an interview with the very credible Singapore newspaper The Straits Times, says he's making shed loads of money in an automated trading scheme endorsed by, amongst others, Bill Gates. And it's floated around LinkedIn for a while. We took a look.

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We all hate them except the people who create them: LinkedIn videos are bandwidth draining, and annoying, making noises when we least expect them. But you don't have to suffer. Here's how to kill them before they even start.

Incredibly, when you look up "The Anti Money Laundering Network," on LinkedIn, there is a list of employees - which is odd, because of those listed, only one, our Group Head, has ever worked for any of the companies in the Group. We are pretty sure that the individuals concerned have not claimed to have done so which leaves only one culprit.... LinkedIn itself.

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Six days ago, on LinkedIn, I posted the following.

"Saw a job ad for "Head of Financial Crime" at an "international bank." Seems that even banks need someone to help them break the law efficiently and effectively now :) Perhaps "Financial Crime Risk Officer" might be a better job title."

It has gained many, many times the views of my more valuable posts. And as a result has provided useful data as to the benefit of LinkedIn for spreading information which, of course, is intended to have some positive benefit on business.

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in Understanding Suspicion in Financial Crime Nigel Morris-Cotterill* says that only three facts are needed for the genesis of suspicion.

Now, with the acquisition of LinkedIn by Facebook, three US companies know far more than three facts, actually almost everything, about you, wherever you are in the world. Move over NSA: the Google-Microsoft-Facebook axis of evil is the real threat to personal privacy and security.

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Phishing scams are nothing new and nor are drive-by browser attacks. They usually involve a simple landing page injected into an insecure website which either effects the scam or attack or diverts the victim to another page. This one is different.

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