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Here's a moron of the first order. You want to sell us financial services and then you put a demonstrable lie front and centre in your pitch.

Thanks for the best laugh of the morning, you idiot. And yes, your IP address has been blocked from our entire server system.

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Six days ago, on LinkedIn, I posted the following.

"Saw a job ad for "Head of Financial Crime" at an "international bank." Seems that even banks need someone to help them break the law efficiently and effectively now :) Perhaps "Financial Crime Risk Officer" might be a better job title."

It has gained many, many times the views of my more valuable posts. And as a result has provided useful data as to the benefit of LinkedIn for spreading information which, of course, is intended to have some positive benefit on business.

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I should, I suppose, feel a little sorry for the senior management of Pantai Holdings Berhad: they own some fine hospitals that provide excellent care. Unfortunately, someone there has chosen some seriously dodgy characters to undertake their telephone canvassing.

<b>Nigel Morris-Cotterill</b> documents an afternoon stolen by unprofessional and, arguably, criminal canvassers - and the harm it can cause a company that has worked hard to build its reputation.

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