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Are you regretting adding Microsoft Teams to your Linux computer?

Totally pissed off that Microsoft, with one fell swoop, has imposed itself on you by launching Teams without asking you?

You can remove it with this one simple terminal command.

We can barely contain the laughter. This scam e-mail is the same old same old but unlike so many, it's beautifully written. But what's not funny is that Microsoft and Google continue to facilitate fraudulent conduct.

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Artificial Intelligence is the buzzword of the year, beating out even "blockchain" and "add oil." A company that claims to be at the front of the pack when it comes to AI is Google. But, as this case shows, it doesn't matter what your algorithms do if what they do isn't properly targeted and the correct action results. It also demonstrates why financial institutions should be very wary of relying on technology which is, at best immature and at worst experimental.

In the meantime, Google and Microsoft, let's bypass the intermediary and you can just send us the "($1,000,000.00) One Million United States Dollars" today. Thank you.

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It's the American dream: little lonely kid with only a handful of people who appear to like him talks with one or two of them and they come up with a geeky idea : let's put our college yearbook (a curiously American thing) into a database and let everyone in it tell everyone in it what they are doing, and let them read what everyone else is doing. Then, as the others, one by one, find out that the reason he's the little lonely kid is that he's a sociopathic egotistical self-absorbed autocrat, he ends up alone and somehow sitting on something that generates thousands of millions of dollars in share value. Then someone spills the saucer full of secrets and Americans are shocked out of their stupor and they don't like it.

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There's a lot of dispute over exactly what constitutes "spam" with legislation influenced by the advertising and marketing industry often defining the term far more narrowly than the public at large. Whether it's legally spam or not, one thing happens far more than it should in unsolicited advertising. That thing is where the e-mail is dishonest in some respect ranging from fake senders through misleading content to out and out lies. The basic rule for recipients is simple: if a mail fails a simple test - "is it true?" - the only safe option is to bin it and block the sender.

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in Understanding Suspicion in Financial Crime Nigel Morris-Cotterill* says that only three facts are needed for the genesis of suspicion.

Now, with the acquisition of LinkedIn by Facebook, three US companies know far more than three facts, actually almost everything, about you, wherever you are in the world. Move over NSA: the Google-Microsoft-Facebook axis of evil is the real threat to personal privacy and security.

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abhi.garg126@outlook.com. Spam him, please. All website scrapers, email harvesters, even those who engage dozens of people in dark rooms in Delhi, get that address. Put it on every mailing list you can find. Bomb it. Block the mailbox. Make Microsoft...

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On 18th February 2011, when Nokia announced that it would hitch its operating system wagon exclusively to Microsoft's mobile Windows, we said "What Nokia has now done is to become fiscally dependent on Microsoft. MS have got a phone company with a huge market share without paying a penny for it. And as Nokia declines, as many expect it to do, it will - ultimately - prove a potential takeover target for Microsoft." We had an opinion on whether it was a good idea. Has anything changed?

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It all began with a package bundled with Windows in 1999 but now, following Microsoft's integration of Skype, MS Live Messenger is to be killed off, except in China, as Microsoft forcibly migrates the users of its messaging system to the Skype platform. From early 2013, it's going to be the Skype way or the highway.

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It might sound an odd thing to say about the iPhone that it's not user friendly but it's true. As soon as you want to do something Apple doesn't want you to do. you are on your own, you have to void your warranty, and you might find you are locked out of some of the services you bought the phone for in the first place. In short, the iPhone is user friendly if you use it as Apple want you to.

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