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Chaudhry NISAR Ali Khan, Pakistan's interior minister, gets a bad press and, like all politicians, some of it is justified. But he's got a horrible job: balancing religious interests, north and south, political interests in various regions, the continued problems resulting from partition first after separation from India and then after Bangladesh voted for independence and huge border problems on almost all sides. His country is a major source and transit country for heroin and other drugs. And there are millions of "Pakistanis" living and working overseas who own political allegiance to the country, but economic and familial allegiance to Bangladesh, or religious allegiance to tribal groups with their own interpretation of Islam. If that's not bad enough, he doesn't even know who's in the country, as he explained this weekend. But he's determined to correct that. And he has a lesson for the EU about migrants.

Following on from Part 1 of our analysis of Theresa May's Brexit speech last week, here are the highlights from and comments on the next part of her plan. And how the plan does not reflect the wishes of the people as recorded in the Referendum.

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We continue our look at Theresa May's speech setting out her position and plan for the UK to leave the EU.

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