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It's remarkably easy to spoof telephone numbers i.e. to make any number one chooses to show up in the caller ID of the recipient's phone. So if a criminal is going to do that, why not choose someone special?

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It's been around since the latter stages of the US election, first being reported in October 2016 and it's a hoax.

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It's a dream, a bad dream. I'm standing on a street corner, it's late, it's dark, I know my location but I don't know where I am. There are figures in the shadows. I am not comfortable. I decide to call a cab and I reach into my pocket, pick up my phone, the latest model from a leading manufacturer, click to wake it up - but it's dead. And it's only six hours since I unplugged it from the USB cable that it spends most of its life attached to in the office. It might still be a cellphone, but it's hardly mobile, says Pete Jackson.

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Users who downloaded copies of Angry Birds and other software for their mobile phones from websites other than Google's Play (formerly Android Market) have in some cases found themselves being charged GBP15 every time the open the app on a phone.

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When a loved-one dies, we don't know how to feel, we don't know how to react and we don't know how to behave. "Ten Things You Need To Know About Dealing With Death" is a quick and easy description of ten simple "Rules" that guide you through the grieving process, in the immediate aftermath of a death, in a practical and sometimes humorous way.


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