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It is said that fraud is a cyclical business and that frauds come around every five to seven years. Today, it is common to see frauds coming round every few months. This one combines both with old-fashioned blackmail, internet abuse, insecurity through camera-equipped devices and crypto-currency all in one. Add in a (quite possibly fake) Russian connection and whoever crafted this had his finger on all kinds of buttons. DUE DILIGENCE INFORMATION: BTC account quoted - 16n8TKLoLKZiB2DCaWwpKFnWRPN7EW9EjT

Across much of Europe, late night TV viewers can often find themselves channel surfing and subjected to pornographic "teasers" for even more outrageous material as paid-for services. Thai women (girls, mostly) often feature on these promotional videos, sometimes alone, sometimes with another girl. Thailand has a new law about on-line obscenity and has brought the first charges against two women who engaged in very mild acts using Facebook Live.

A hashtag referring to the expression "the law is an ass" has produced some very unpleasant and disturbing consequences.

A cautionary tale...

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The conviction of a resident of California for distributing illegal content over a peer-to-peer computer network is the latest strike against supposedly untraceable material on the internet. It's a "tip of the iceberg" moment but it shows that there are ways of investigating and securing convictions across apparently secure and secret methods of content distribution.

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