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There are things that biased media push down our throats as they pretend independence but run a subversive agenda, from politics to social change. But there are some things that transcend the self-interest of media outlets, where the generally left-leaning press and politicians have got it absolutely right.

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Bryan Edwards

The issue of birth control takes on many facets. Some people argue that any form of birth control is wrong, others that abortion is wrong, others that abortion should be allowed in certain circumstances and yet others that (subject only to limited constraints on the nature and timing of abortion) it should be freely available. Pharmaceutical technology has reached the point where the line between prevention of pregnancy and abortion are blurred. There are psychological, societal, medical, philosophical and, of course, religious dimensions to most of the debates where the word "rights" is bandied about by everyone with an opinion to express.

The Chief Inspector of of OfStEd (the Office for Standards in Education), the education regulator in England and Wales, has said that head teachers must be allowed to make rules for the benefit of the entire pupil body and must not bow to pressure from minorities and that religion must not be used for purposes of division, and that the young must be protected from indoctrination in religious schools of all faiths.

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The US Surpreme Court has granted an order of certiorari which sends back to the district court the case of National Institute of Family and Life Advocates v. Xavier Becerra for review. California's bizarrely named Reproductive Freedom, Accountability, Comprehensive Care, and Transparency (FACT) Act is defended by Becarram California's Attorney General. and the plaintiff is a campaigning group claiming that the FACT act is unconstitutional. The case has made a monumental decision, at federal level, about religion and abortion and contraception.

A long article in the New York Times this week is headlined "Bernie Sanders Is Jewish, but He Doesn’t Like to Talk About It." The premise is simple: Sanders is not Jewish enough, or not overtly Jewish enough, for those Jews who want all Jews to wear a metaphorical yellow star. But it's not only Jews and it's not only Americans who want their politicians to put their religion front and centre - and to define a country with reference to the criteria set by those same outspoken groups. Are we seeing the death of the separation of Church and State?

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