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South Korea

Robert Kelley is a senior lecturer (in the American style, they call him an Associate Professor) at the University of Busan in South Korea. Contacted by the BBC, he started to give his views on the success of South Koreans as President Park was impeached and removed from power. Then, it all started to go.. well, some might say wrong but others would say his family are real tv stars, not reality tv poseurs. (free content)

The continuing saga of South Korean president PARK Geun-Hye is gripping the South East Asian nation while the rest of the world looks on with mild interest and wonders just how many kinds of kimchi there are. To ignore it would be a mistake.

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No one can accuse the South Koreans of rushing into things: the Financial Services Commission has just approved the country's first internet-only bank to commence operations. It's the first bank (of any kind) to launch for 24 years.

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In an unprecedented display of authority over its president, the South Korean parliament has voted to impeach President PARK Guen-hye, in part because of allegations that she was under the influence of a non-elected person. What now?

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