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The USA is using Taiwan to bait China, as it did with Hong Kong, and China is responding.

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How much use are listings in Google for marketing? Now as much as people like to think, especially if your business is outside the USA.

This weekend the GMA takes place. It's a huge, three day, affair and it's part of a music - tv - film industry of mixing, matching and deal-making event is very, very influential. And yet it doesn't show up on the first two and a half-pages of a Google search because either as GMA, GMA or even GMA ASIA TAIWAN MUSIC awards. Why? Because it's in Taiwan and because there are so many US GMAs that are listed over and over again in the early pages. 第30屆金曲獎 GMA, ( it stands for Golden Melody Awards) , despite now being in its 30th year, might as well be invisible so far as Google is concerned.

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Donald Trump is not yet in the White House but he's already flexing his muscles. Already at odds with the State Department, which issued an official apology to China because Trump directly spoke to Taiwan's President, Madam TSAI Ing-wen, he's not only unrepentant but, for a man who has a history of casino ownership, he's doubling down on what might be the biggest gamble of his own Presidency, even though he's not President yet.

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The bombing of the Boston Marathon gained justifiably widespread publicity. But it was not the biggest terrorist event of the long weekend, nor even the event which could have proved the most deadly. But another event went largely unnoticed by the "western" media. Why? It happened in Taiwan.Then there's the 16 killed in an attack in Pakistan.

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