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In Harris County, Texas, a lawyer who was disbarred in 2016, has become the focus of attention : the District Attorney, Kim Ogg, has issued an appeal for information that might identify victims of fraud by David A. Chaumette.

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In 1992, some "old masters" were stolen from Lincoln's Inn in London, one of the Inns of Court where barristers are made and Judges are born. It naturally aroused outrage in legal circles which, like Olympic rings, overlap with government.

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Sometimes they robbed and sometimes they snatched. But they did identify and contact their targets through on-line advertising site "craigslist.com." Then they made an offer that any normal person would think was too good to be true. One has to feel sorry for victims of crime but sometimes one also has to point out that they were just a bit too stupid or greedy. Here's a lesson in why people should be cautious.

While it is always dangerous to base any legal analysis on general media reports, media are reporting a case which provides sufficient fact for a discussion of the principles involved. The case involves a member of staff at a branch of Tesco in Ireland who removed product from the premises and was dismissed but has been awarded substantial damages for unfair dismissal.

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Three people have been arrested, and cash, goods and items used in the commission of offences seized in Hong Kong as police investigate a rapid-fire ATM scam involving data written to mag stripe cards and used in just two ATMs over a two week period.

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California's Attorney General Edmund Brown has issued a case against two companies that "lured desperate home-owners with a deceptive marketing scheme." Five individuals are also named including two lawyers.

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