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Donald Trump is not yet in the White House but he's already flexing his muscles. Already at odds with the State Department, which issued an official apology to China because Trump directly spoke to Taiwan's President, Madam TSAI Ing-wen, he's not only unrepentant but, for a man who has a history of casino ownership, he's doubling down on what might be the biggest gamble of his own Presidency, even though he's not President yet.

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It's easy to write off the Democrats as divided also-rans even as they are trying to make the most difficult decision of their party's history. The debate they don't want to have is this: who are we going to try to put in the White House, a woman or a Jew?

Trump, in the meantime, sits in the simple position that he's an intellectual minnow compared to the others, that he has no relevant experience, that his hairdresser is better than Sanders' but worse than Clinton's - and he speaks to the base concerns of REDnecks, WHITE Christians and BLUE collar Americans. His very irrelevance is carrying him through.

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A long article in the New York Times this week is headlined "Bernie Sanders Is Jewish, but He Doesn’t Like to Talk About It." The premise is simple: Sanders is not Jewish enough, or not overtly Jewish enough, for those Jews who want all Jews to wear a metaphorical yellow star. But it's not only Jews and it's not only Americans who want their politicians to put their religion front and centre - and to define a country with reference to the criteria set by those same outspoken groups. Are we seeing the death of the separation of Church and State?

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