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Janus was a Roman god: the one with two faces. California's Attorney General Xavier Becerra has those traits: on the one hand, he's all about consumer rights, the rights of the under-privileged including immigrants but on the other he's in favour of allowing unions to compel non-members to hand over part of their wages. The idea that oppression is oppression is oppression seems to have passed him by and it's a case called Janus v AFSCME, Council 31 and others that has compelled him to nail his colours to the mast. Government bad, socialist bullies good. His defiance of Federal law is well recognised but this is a case where all the good he's done, and there is a lot, is undermined.

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Ford says it doesn't need state aid, at least not yet. GM says it's on the verge of bankruptcy. And Chrysler says so little it seems stunned as the US Senate says it will not make direct loans to the Auto sector, pointing out that this is the job of the banks which have been told they can have USD700,000 million to fix the economy.

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