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Michaelia Cash is Australia's Women's Minister. She is known for speaking in a, well, let's say, forceful manner. But yesterday, during a routine press conference about employment figures, she was asked to comment on a video produced by a Muslim group in Australia which says violence by women is acceptable. Cash went loopy.

Let me make it very, very clear to all Australians: it is not alright to hit a woman in Australia. We have one law and that law prohibits violence against women. We all get to comply with that law.

So, Australia says that it is a secular society to which all religions must submit. That's not going to go down well with some.

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What does Donald Trump have against Mexico? It's rapidly turning (in places) into a lawless state where violence associated with the drugs trade is driving more and more refugees across the border into the USA. So he wants to build a wall (or so he has said). But it's the economic policies that he's openly planning that will turn Mexico into a failed state with the risk of internal conflict emulating civil war. If he's not careful, he's going to end up with a Syrian style exodus just across the Rio Grande.

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